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PAINTING A DEF JAM | magazine illustration
The first generation of Def Jam artists drawn in a loose style, colored flat with the dominant shade of their respective debut album sleeve

ANGRY CUBE | magazine illustration
A drawing accompanying an opinion piece deploring the state of Dutch radio, with rapper Ice Cube's famous quote on radio stations

STATUESQUE | personal work
Color study on a vector illustration of an angelic face in a distinct 'low-poly' style

20 YEARS OF RHYMESAYERS | magazine illustration
The four founders of Rhymesayers Entertainment, in a style paying homage to Jack 'King' Kirby

PRINS VAN DE KOOIKERSWEG | magazine illustration
Dutch rap pioneer Extince riding a scooter on a road near his hometown, based on an anecdote about his younger years

INDUSTRY RULE #4080 | T-Shirt design
Visualizing a famous lyric by a Tribe Called Quest, in the Pan-African red, black and green they utilized in their iconography

WU-TANG BEDOUIN | magazine illustration
A Saharan Bedouin, carrying the 'secret' Wu-Tang album recorded in Morocco, currently up for auction